Our church hall, the Exmouth Mar­ket Centre, which is adja­cent to the church, is avail­able for hire. The address is Exmouth Mar­ket, Lon­don EC1R 4QE.

A ver­sat­ile space, it cur­rently hosts music per­form­ances, bal­let les­sons, orches­tral rehears­als, Yoga ses­sions, activ­it­ies for chil­dren and dance classes. It is also used for office away-day meet­ings and the res­taur­ants on Exmouth mar­ket are happy to provide lunch­time catering.

It is licensed for sale of alco­hol­ic drinks and is equipped with a high-end music sys­tem and a stage com­plete with the­at­ric­al light­ing. There are bar tables and chairs. Capa­city is approx­im­ately 80–130 depend­ing on the ratio of stand­ing to seated audience.

It is avail­able for ad hoc book­ings dur­ing the day and on Thursday, Fri­day and Sunday evenings.

Contact Details

For Exmouth Mar­ket Centre hire con­tact Janette Poun­tain, Admin­is­trat­or and Man­ager of the Exmouth Mar­ket Centre on 020 7837 1861 or by email exmouthmarketcentre@tiscali.co.uk    

Current Users

Cur­rent users include:

Our most fam­ous occa­sion­al user is sing­er song­writer Emily Bark­er who launched her latest album, Apple­wood Road, at the Exmouth Mar­ket Centre. She is best known for writ­ing the theme song for the BBC TV series Wal­lander and has kindly advised us on our excel­lent music system.